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First Union Soldier to die
 Welcome to the Bristol Historical Society web site. Bristol along with Bridgewater and Hill were once a single township named New Chester. With it's chief water source, now named Newfound Lake and the many streams, ponds, and rivers, it is almost certain that this was the highway for the Native Americans who used this source for their food, travel, and the surrounding elements for their lodges, and protection for their families. It was by following these trails and waterways that the white man first appeared on Bristol soil. Bristol has a rich history of industrial and agricultural enterprise. Newfound Lake and the Newfound River played major roles in the development of the area. Bristol is a beautiful little town tucked in a valley surrounded by ever changing scenery.

 In 1965 the Bristol Historical Society was formed by a large group of Bristol citizens interested in preserving the history of Bristol. The original members worked hard to collect and preserve items of interest. The Societies collection is on display in the upper level of the old Fire Station on the corner of South Main and High Street. During the months of June, July and August doors are open to the general public every Tuesday from 7-9PM. Please check our web site for special events throughout the year.
Membership is $10 and should be mailed to the Bristol Historical Society, PO Box 400, Bristol, NH 03222. For more information call 603-744-2751 or email tlkeegan1@myfairpoint.net

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